What We Give To Alien Gods (Mothership 0e)


What We Give To Alien Gods is an adventure module for the Mothership sci-fi horror roleplaying game. In it your crew will travel to Gaelar XII, a distant magellanic nebula. Once there, explore the ruins of an alien temple, uncover its secret histories, translate alien languages, encounter strange creatures, fight against the unravelling of the universe as you know it and look inward, into the void of consciousness, and ask…

Beyond the reaches of starlight is the demesne of Alien Gods.
What locus of extraterrestrial reverence must the fathoms host.

This 68-page Adventure Module includes:

• Page and Spread PDFs
• Campaign integration tools
• A short nebula hex-crawl
• A dungeon-crawl through an alien temple
• 5+ NPC's
• 5+ new monsters
• 10+ new items
• Rules for two alien languages
• Translate existing glyphs or come up with your own

Also included are supplemental resources (Coming Soon):
• Warden Tools
• Player-facing handouts