MOONWALKER is a microlite space-faring adventure game for 2+ players available in half-letter format. Perfect for printing at home then folding into a mini GM screen!

To play you will need:

• This ruleset
• Character Keepers (available soon)
• A set of polyhedral dice
• Pen or Pencil
• Paper for notes and doodles

MOONWALKER features exciting, experimental rules such as Stamina Dodging and Psionics! Just what you need for a last minute game.

Grab some friends, snacks, and your imagination and you're all set to venture into the final frontier...


Inspired by movies and shows such as:
• Ad Astra
• Apollo 11
• For All Mankind
• The Martian

Your purchase includes:

• Three (3) hand-made Character Keepers
• Professionally printed and hand-folded micro GM Screen with the Moonwalker ruleset